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Real Questions About Colon Cancer and Colon Cancer Screenings

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Beyond the Scope - Spring 2014

Beyond the Scope is a bi-annual report of the division. Click here to view the current issue and other newsletters »


Our new video gallery includes lectures for both the community and healthcare professionals. Click here to view gallery »
  Our free UCLA eIBD app is live and available to alll patients. You can now actively manage your IBD disease anywhere! Click here to learn more » 

Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery - Community Lecture - April 26 - Santa Monica

Weight gain after bariatric surgery is a common problem that occurs several years after the operation, often due to stretching that expands the surgically created gastric pouch. UCLA experts will cover the mechanisms of such weight gain and a new minimally-invasive procedure to tighten the gastric pouch that may have expanded over time. In addition, experts will provide the latest diet and nutrition information that can help maximize health for bariatric surgery patients. Lecturers include Rabindra Watson, MD, UCLA gastroenterologist, and Yasmin Firouzman, registered dietician.  Click here to register »

Celiac vs Gluten-Sensitivity vs Wheat Allergies

Jeffrey Lewis, MD, program leader, invites you to view the new Celiac Disease Program webpages. Meet our team and check out Facts vs Myths. Click here to learn more »


Ivy Ka Man Law, PhD Receives 2014 GRG/AGA Abstract of the Year Award

Dr. Law, post doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Harry Pothoulakis, was recognized for her abstract: Colonic MicroRNA-133α promotes neurotensin-associated proinflammatory responses in human colonocytes and experimental colitis. Click here to learn more »

Meet Our Physicians

Daniel Hommes, MD, PhD
Daniel Hommes, MD, PhD
Director: Clinical Care & Clinical Research, UCLA Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Director, Quality Initiative Program

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