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UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases


When a digestive disorder is diagnosed and nutrition counseling recommended, we are here to help you find the balance between managing symptoms and continuing to enjoy the pleasures of eating. Learn More »

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Yvette Taché, PhD, was awarded the Middleton Award for her pioneering research in barin-gut interaction.  Full Story Listed "In the New" »


Listen to an NPR segment with Dr. Rabindra Watson as he discusses treating weight gain after bariatric surgery Link to NPR Segment »


Free Community Lectures - Nutrition for Common Digestive Disorders

Our registered dietitian will provide simple dietary and lifestyle tips to help manage diarrhea, constipation, gas/bloating and acid reflux. Classes are the first, second, third and fourth Thursdays of the month. Register for Free Classes »

The Center for Obesity and METabolic Health (COMET)

COMET was established to serve as a collaborative effort dedicated to advancing research and clinical care in the areas of obesity and metabolic health. Clinical programs include management of fatty liver disease, bariatric surgery and endoscopic treatment for obesity. Learn More About COMET »

How Your Gut Bacteria Influences Your Emotions - NPR Interview - June 29

Emeran Mayer, MD, PhD, director of the Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress, was a guest on NPR discussing gut microbiome and the brain. Click Here for Interview »

Meet Our Physicians

Dennis Jensen, MD
Dennis Jensen, MD
Director, Hemostasis Program

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