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Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


Research Data Warehouse

At the core of our research infrastructure is a robust data warehouse that captures dynamic information about our patients' inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) progress at time intervals dictated by our streamlined tight control scenarios (TCs). These TCs enroll patients in our homecare program, which captures data about disease activity, quality of life, and work productivity at the aforementioned time intervals in the comfort of the patient's home. In addition, all lab results (e.g. blood and stool) from both clinic and homecare testing are stored in the database to service research needs and to augment homecare by enabling patient access through our online eIBD platform. Combined, these data enable our team to create highly personalized and up-to-date patient profiles, visualized through dynamic dashboards by both the patients and research team on eIBD. With this information, we are able to customize treatment protocols that are optimized for each unique patient.  

Research Data Warehouse UCLA Center for Inflammatory Bowel DiseasesBenefits to You

How does the data warehouse benefit you: 

1) It provides real-time decision support for our team of IBD specialists in delivering your care and therapeutic treatment.
2) It aims to increase your quality of care while reducing your cost of treatment (vQ).
3) It enables on-going research on individual risk profiles, drug therapy optimization, standard of care, and disease etiology. 


IBD Biochip

The IBD biochip is a nanotechnology point of care device that enables monitoring of laboratory markers (C-reactive protein (CRP) and fecal calprotectin (FC)). These markers include disease activity, early detection of drug levels and side effects and patient disease profile. Because the size of the chip and the incorporated technology, the chip can be used at home and send the results to the data warehouse through an automated computer connection. This offers the opportunity to be under tight care control without the necessity of coming into the hospital for these tests (CRP and FC).

The research data warehouse along with our Homecare program and the IBD Biochip provides a data-rich infrastructure for care delivery to patients diagnosed with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

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