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UCLA Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases


Iliopoulos Laboratory

UCLA Center for Systems Biomedicine

The Center for Systems Biomedicine is interested in understanding how inflammatory molecular circuits contribute to the development of human inflammatory diseases, such as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and gastrointestinal cancers. Furthermore, Dr. Iliopoulos' laboratory is interested in identifying novel therapeutic strategies against these inflammatory diseases. His strategy would be to integrating high throughput molecular data into networks and identify the chemical compounds that target these networks.


Dimitrios Iliopoulos PhD UCLA Center for Systems Biomedicine

Dimitrios Iliopoulos, PhD, MBA
Director, Center for Systems Biomedicine
Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Digestive Diseases
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Beyond the Scope - Fall 2012, a report of the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases, included the establishment of the new Center for Systems Biomedicine (formerly Center for Gastrointestinal Systems Biology). To read the full story click here or on the image below »


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