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The Division of Digestive Diseases newsletters and clinical updates feature a more in-depth look at the research being conducted by some of its physician-scientists and contain profiles on various benefactors, whose support has been an invaluable part of what helps the Division maintain its leadership position in this field.

  Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress - Spring 2014
  • From the Desk of Dr. Emeran A. Mayer
  • CNS Ingestive Behavior and Obesity Program
  • New Help for Patients with Chronic Pain
  • CNS Student Training Program - Featured Student
  • How Gut Micobes and the Brain Communicate - A Clue to Autism?

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Beyond the Scope - Spring 2014

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Clinical Update - April 2014

Combining laparoscopy and endoscopy, UCLA surgeons and gastroenterologists have been performing a new, minimally invasive procedure to remove large and difficult-to-reach colon polyps in cases that would normally call for bowel resection surgery.

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 Patrons Circle - Winter 2014

  • Guided by a Legacy of Philanthropy - Mrs. Bren Simon
  • Welcome Ambassadors
  • Big Data - Innovations in Drug Discovery - Dr. Dimitrios Iliopoulos
  • Simon Center Launch
  • Esophageal Cener, GI Motility Program Bring Wide-Range Expertise to Quality of Life Disorders
  • UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases 2013-14 Fellows
  • Division of Digestive Disease Events
  • Six New Faculty Members Join Division of Digestive Diseases
  • Nobel Laureate Visits Division - Dr. James Watson
  • UCLA XPrize partnership Event
  • Study Offers First Evidence that Diet Can Affect Brain Function - Drs. Emeran Mayer and Kirsten Tillisch

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