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The Division of Digestive Diseases newsletters and clinical updates feature a more in-depth look at the research being conducted by some of its physician-scientists and contain profiles on various benefactors, whose support has been an invaluable part of what helps the Division maintain its leadership position in this field.

Beyond the Scope - Fall 2014

  • Letter from the Chiefs - UCLA GI Week
  • Center for Ulcer Education and Research: Digestive Diseases Research Center (CURE:DDRC) Celebrates 40 Years
  • Discovery of Genetic Factors Involved in Pediatric IBD Could Pave the Way for New Treatment
  • Loss of Non-coding RNA Associated with Pediatric IBD; Evidence of Epigenetic Regulation Points to New Research Approach
  • 2015 CURE Annual Research Meeting and Poster Session - March 12, 2015
  • 3rd Annual UCLA-Mellinkoff Gastroenterology and Hepatology Symposium - March 13-15, 2015
  • New Faculty Members - Drs. Sittiporn Bencharit, Maggie Ham, Michael C. Jean, Rajinder Kaushal, David E. Krieger, Hamed Nayeb-Hashemi, Michael G. Quon and Claudia Sanmiguel

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  Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress - Spring 2014
  • From the Desk of Dr. Emeran A. Mayer
  • CNS Ingestive Behavior and Obesity Program
  • New Help for Patients with Chronic Pain
  • CNS Student Training Program - Featured Student
  • How Gut Microbes and the Brain Communicate - A Clue to Autism?

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Beyond the Scope - Spring 2014
  • Visit us at DDW 2014 - Faculty Abstract List
  • Endoscopic Treatment of Chronic Pancreatitis Using SpyGlass System - Dr. Alireza Sedarat
  • IBD Care in Older Patients - Dr. Christina Ha
  • New Faculty Members - Dr. Vikas Pabby and Dr. Alireza Sedarat
  • IBD Center Establishes Advanced Fellowship

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Clinical Update - April 2014

Combining laparoscopy and endoscopy, UCLA surgeons and gastroenterologists have been performing a new, minimally invasive procedure to remove large and difficult-to-reach colon polyps in cases that would normally call for bowel resection surgery.

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 Patrons Circle - Winter 2014

  • Guided by a Legacy of Philanthropy - Mrs. Bren Simon
  • Welcome Ambassadors
  • Big Data - Innovations in Drug Discovery - Dr. Dimitrios Iliopoulos
  • Simon Center Launch
  • Esophageal Cener, GI Motility Program Bring Wide-Range Expertise to Quality of Life Disorders
  • UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases 2013-14 Fellows
  • Division of Digestive Disease Events
  • Six New Faculty Members Join Division of Digestive Diseases
  • Nobel Laureate Visits Division - Dr. James Watson
  • UCLA XPrize partnership Event
  • Study Offers First Evidence that Diet Can Affect Brain Function - Drs. Emeran Mayer and Kirsten Tillisch

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